Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what your question is, the team at Lupo and Monti is always on hand to provide prompt and accurate answers. Email us at admin[at] anytime.

How Fresh Are Your Espresso Beans?

We roast weekly. We recommend waiting one full week from the roast date before pulling your first espresso shot, and to finish the bag within 4 weeks after the roast date. We list the roast date on every bag.

How Do I Take Advantage Of Your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

We make things easy! Just send an email to admin[at] and we will refund your purchase.

How Do I Know Which Of Your Espresso Blends Is Right For Me?

Crema Dreams makes an all-around great shot of espresso. Whether you enjoy straight espresso shots or macchiatos/cappuccinos/lattes, you'll probably be impressed with this blend. We also make a Milky Hugs blend (roasted slightly darker to punch through milk-based drinks more), and Italian Vacations (our take on traditional Italian-style espresso). Try them all and see what you like more!

What Kind of Espresso Beans Do You Use?

All of our blends are comprised of 100% speciality grade Arabica coffee beans. We work with partners to ethically source coffee beans from around the world that work best for espresso drinks.

How Quickly Will My Order Arrive?

We typically ship within 24 hours of your order. Because we are an artisanal small-batch roaster, we sometimes run out of beans. If that's the case we'll let you know and ship within 3 days. Once shipped we will send an email with your tracking number.

Pull a Perfect Espresso Shot in Three Easy Steps

Our three espresso bean blends have all been thoughtfully crafted and roasted to bring out the flavor, body, and aroma of an ideal espresso. Our "blend first then roast" approach minimizes variations in our blends, which reduces the odds you will experience channeling in your shot.

Packaged coffee beans next to a bowl of beans on a digital scale showing 18.0 grams.


Weigh 18 grams of beans

Measure 18 grams of whole beans using an espresso scale that can measure within a tenth of a gram.

Espresso machine with accessories and a portafilter filled with coffee grounds on a counter.


Grind and tamp

Use a grinder that can grind to the level required for espresso machines. Tamp the grinds with about 30 lbs of pressure.

Espresso machine pouring coffee into a white cup.


Pull for your ideal drink

For a traditional espresso shot, we recommend pulling 36g of espresso in about 30 seconds. If the drink comes out fast, grind finer. If too slow, grind coarser.